Elf the Musical

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Amber Corriston

Amber Corriston


Amber admits that she was a bit nervous to choreograph a production with so many unknowns, but knew the students were up for the challenge and that the awesome team of directors is a joy to work with in any situation! It was challenging to see the choreography on a flat screen TV screen, with each student in their virtual box on google meet, and with the delay in the hearing of the music at the students’ houses (the dancers are always 1 second behind the music that plays at my house during rehearsals...just the nature of online dance teaching), but it worked. It was amazing to see choreography come to life in HHS parking lot rehearsals that had only been done virtually! Amber has been the dance director at HHS for eight years and this is the seventh musical she has choreographed while at HHS. She’s taught dance in Seattle, New York City and Connecticut, and is the founder of Corriston Movement and Dance (CMAD), a local dance studio that offers dance classes and birthday parties to students ages 3-16.

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